Painter Match

If you are in need of a painter, the first thing that you must understand is that there are many different kinds of painters available for you to choose from. A residential painter gives a much different kind of painting service from a commercial painter, and you must completely understand the difference if you are going to get the right person for your particular job.

Here are just a few of the ways in which you can determine the kind of painter that you need and find the right person for the job.

– First of all, what are the requirements of the job?

Are you having your house painted or is the job at your place of business? Do you have vaulted ceilings to consider? Are there exterior levels with many different heights as well? How much painting will there need to be done overall? Will the painting be done in conjunction with other parts of a home remodeling project?

All of these will help you to determine if you need a pro painter or a general contractor. If you will need a painter in conjunction with an electrician, a plumber or a drywaller, then you may have to hand over the reins to someone who understands exactly when to bring every element into the process.

– Do you need to hire a licensed painter or a union painter?

In some areas, it is not legal to take on a pro painting job without a license. Although it may be less common to require a painter to be a part of a union, there are some municipalities that require this. If either of these options is available, it may be in your best interests to take one of them on. Because the individual who is actually coming over to your house will be connected to a larger entity, they will be more accountable for the work that they do. You will also have the ability to check the credentials of that pro painter within the auspices of the organization that he or she represents.

The rules of every municipality are different. You may actually incur penalties from your city if you do not follow the rules of hiring a licensed or a properly organized painter in some areas. Make sure that you know everything that is going on so that you do not end up paying more money than you need to in order to get the job done.

– Feel free to go by word of mouth, but verify.

As with any professional, you can definitely get a great deal of good information from word of mouth. However, painting is one job that is very easy to verify for yourself. If you are asking neighbors, friends or family members about a particular painter, you can usually ask to see the work that person has done firsthand as well. Your friends and neighbors may have a different taste from you, and you need to know this before you commit to a painter that may be technically proficient in every way, but artistically deviant from what you are actually looking for.

– Make sure that you cover yourself with insurance or that your painter is covered.

Another great reason to do business with a painter that has an association with a larger organization is the insurance coverage that protects that person. Most painters with a license or under the auspices of a union will have their own insurance, meaning that you will not be held liable if this person injures himself on your property.

– Take heed of the transportation of the painter.

Any painter that cannot keep his or her own truck or car clean cannot be trusted to do that for your home. Make sure that a business owner takes pride in his or her business before you hire that person to do something permanent to your home.

– Get referrals.

Ask the painter himself for referrals. Every painter should be able to give you at least two to three referrals of people who have recently completed business with this person. Do not take referrals that are older than five years.

Hiring a professional painter does not have to be a scary experience. As a matter of fact, you can make it fun with the tips above! Do not compromise in your needs, and you will certainly find the true professional painter who can help you to reach those heights.